Duo d'Entre-Deux
Nick Zoulek and Tommy Davis

The phrase "d’entre deux guerres" is a French expression that refers to the cultural transitions caused by the two World Wars. This expression, these societal changes, inspire the duo's name, referring to the results of the turmoil and reevaluation of music and culture. This turmoil spurred a paradigm-shift for many composers, such as John Cage, Edgar Varèse and Arnold Schoenberg. These periods are often associated with the birth of modern, electronic, and multidisciplinary musics following the Romantic period. Duo d'Entre-Deux strives to incorporate a plethora of cultural influences, and draws inspiration from phenomenology and surrealism, with specific affinity toward the works of Maurice-Merleau Ponty and Salvidor Dali. Following these pioneers of modern art and thought, the Duo uses their concepts as a creative foundation for repertoire, projects and musical direction.

Comprised of saxophonists Nick Zoulek (USA) and Tommy Davis (Canada), Duo d’Entre Deux is a dynamic ensemble which was formed in 2011 in Paris, France. While studying at the Conservatoire de Boulogne-Billancourt, Nick and Tommy discovered their shared propensity for contemporary music. Together, they have performed at esteemed venues including the Society of Composers Inc. National Conference (Ball State University), SNECMA Headquarters (Paris, France), and the North American Saxophone Alliance Biennial Conference (University of Illinois). An erudite ensemble, the duo strongly advocates music education, and has presented masterclasses at universities across the midwestern United States.

It is Duo d’Entre Deux’s goal to bolster the saxophone’s prominence in contemporary music through the investigation of complex, spectral, cross-over, and programmatic compositions, as well as collaboration with visual and improvisational artists. Their work has fostered outstanding relationships with celebrated composers including Christian Lauba and Mikel Kuehn, and has led to commissions and premieres of works by Robert Lemay and Etienne Rolin.


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