Intedisciplinary/Multimedia Works

"Luminous" (2015) Wild Space Dance, Mitchell Park Domes, Milwaukee, WI
"Carried Away" (2015) Wild Space Dance, Roulette Theatre, Brooklyn, NY
c’tesutyouns (2012) Luska Khalapyan, videographer
(dis)Locations for alto and tenor saxophones, computer sound and video (2007) Matthew Burtner


Besingrand, Jean-Patrick, A Way Alone II pour saxophones soprano et ténor, 2012
Geiss, Philippe, Remember B. Franklin pour saxophones alto et ténor, 2001
Hindemith, Paul, Konzertstück für zwei Altsaxophone, 1933
Itoh, Takuma, Neon Flicker, 2012
Kuehn, Mikel, Tag for two alto saxophones, 2005/16 *
Lanci, Michael, Shift no. 1 for two alto saxophones, 2012 * (Canadian Premiere)
Lauba, Christian, Ars pour deux saxophones soprano, 1992-4
Lemay, Robert, Deuce 2 pour deux saxophones ténor, 2014 *
Levaillant, Denis, Clash pour deux saxophones ténor, 2015 *
Maderna, Bruno, Dialodia, 1972
Rossé, François, Ximix pour deux saxophones soprano, 1997
Stockhausen, Karlheinz, Knabenduett for two soprano saxophones, 1980


Charney, Jason, The Map is Not the Territory for alto and tenor saxophones and electronics, 2016 *
Hartman, Hana, Horizontal Crackings in Concrete Pavements, 2007/15
Rolin, Etienne, East West Bridge for two tenor saxophone and electronics, 2015 * (Max Patch by Jason Charney)
Rubin, Scott, Sour Helix for alto and tenor saxophones and optional electronics, 2015 *
Srinivasan, Asha, Keerthanata for soprano saxophone, alto saxophone and electroacoustic accompaniment, 2012


* Denotes World Premiere unless otherwise noted